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There are way too many records released every week - which one should you listen to? Why is the new Bruit the best record of the year? Which post-metal record is the dark-horse of the year? Questions that we want to answer - we review lots of records every week and you can also check out a little teaser before reading the whole thing. And if you want to, you can also browse through our archive and have a look at the amazing records you might have missed out on.

  • Modder - s/t

    14 Dec 2021
    Psychedelic Post-Metal

    What makes a record heavy? The riffs? The tuning? The low-end rumbling? No – it‘s the pauses! Why? Because if everything is only dark without any light, without any rest – then everything will become a blur at one point. And with Modder‘s new self-titled record that becomes pretty obvious as they are really good at creating dark moments with the necessary pauses to highlight the strength and heaviness of the sounds around those small gaps of fresh air.

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  • Lhaäd - Below

    08 Dec 2021
    hadopelagic black metal

    Sometimes you hear a record and it immediately clicks and the feeling is right there for a review. Sometimes you need days and days, spin after spin for one. With Lhaäd’s debut Below it was definitely the former as this record takes us back several decades and also pushes us forward years at the same time. A wonderful trip back and forth in black metal past, present and future.

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  • Hemelbestormer - Collide & Merge

    19 Nov 2021

    In a galaxy far, far away you might encounter Hemelbestormer. Only in your imagination, of course. All their releases are inspired by outer space, stars, galaxies, black holes millions of light years from our planet. Through their take on the Post-Metal sonics they yet again bring us a narrative about extra-terrestrial phenomena.

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    14 Nov 2021
    Experimental, Soundtrack,

    When one of the forerunners of new Belgian Post-Metal releases an album, then it’s something one should listen to. In the case of BARST‘s new record REAL it’s actually something one should look at and listen to. Best on a real big screen.

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  • Theodore Wild Ride - dto.

    27 Sep 2021
    Neo-Classical, Experimental,

    When was the last time you were mesmerized by music from the first moment those simple audio waves touched your ears and nestled in your brain till nothing else mattered? If it’s too long ago, maybe the debut album by new-formed experimental Neo-Classical meets improvisational Avantgarde artist Theodore Wild Ride can help you become re-acquainted with that feeling.

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  • Insect Ark - Future Fossils

    14 Sep 2021
    Ambient, Drone, Experimental

    When one of the most reflective artists of our time releases a new EP called Future Fossils that calls for two things: Attention and reflection. The artist is Dana Schechter aka Insect Ark and this is my review on the new EP, out on Consouling Sounds from September 24th on.

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  • Wolves in the Throne Room - Primordial Arcana

    16 Aug 2021
    Atmospheric Black Metal

    After the band deviated from their Atmospheric Black Metal path on the albums Black Cascade and Celestite Wolves in the Throne Room came back to the genre with Thrice Woven in 2017. Four years after that release the band releases a crystal clear, emotional, nature inspired, Cascadian take on the style they became famous for. With Kody Keyworth as an integrated member, the Weaver brothers and he have written, produced and mixed a massive Atmospheric Black Metal album in their own Owl Lodge Studio.

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  • Golden Ashes - A Lightless Christ Shuns The Crown Of Divinity

    24 Jul 2021
    Symphonic Black Metal

    Once again Maurice de Jong releases an umpteenth release a year. Sorry, correction: An umpteenth great release a year.; the new Golden Ashes record is the sixth release by Maurice in the sixth incarnation in 2021! And he never disappoints!

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  • Coffin Lurker - Foul And Defiled

    11 Jul 2021

    This record proves how differently a certain genre can be interpreted, yes how contrary the same genre can be. For this review one needs equal measures of Coffin Lurker‘s debut Foul and Defiled and Sunn O))) as a reference band to explain how nearly antagonistic doom can be.

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  • Amenra - De Doorn

    24 Jun 2021
    Blackened Post-Metal

    Praise upon praise is heaped upon the new Amenra record – deservedly. But what is the distinct difference between this record and their earlier releases? Well, let’s find out!

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  • Nadja - Luminous Rot

    22 May 2021
    Ambient-Drone Industrial Doom

    If Game Of Thrones had been set in a post-apocalyptic location, then this would be the soundtrack to the Dragon Mother running amok in Season 8. Epic!

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  • An Atumn for Chrippled Children - As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes

    21 May 2021
    Blackgazee/Atmospheric Black Metal

    This album summons you to an emotional venture into the dark undercurrents of modern atmospheric metal music.

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  • Ural Umbo - Roomer

    13 May 2021
    Drone Ambient Noise TripHop

    This record is something between the John Carpenter-soundtracks (for example Halloween), Jóhann Jóhannsson’s OST for Mandy and the work the two musicians usually compose with their respective main acts, Sum Of R and Dark Buddha Rising. So just the right thing for some bright summer days. Not.

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  • Christine Ott - Time To Die

    08 May 2021

    French Neo-Classical music is peaking during the pandemic plague which is scaring many of us out of their wits. With this intimate kind of music we might resurrect our sense of lost respectful intimacy without sacrificing our privacy.

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  • Alkerdeel - Slonk

    02 Feb 2021

    A few months ago we featured a review on the brilliant record Quelle by Belgian blackened doomsters Briqueville. This week we basically have the vice-versa record, some doomy black metal by Belgian band Alkerdeel in the form of their new record Slonk.

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  • Pothamus - Raya

    04 Dec 2020

    Pothamus from Mechelen, Belgium plays Doom with a lot of tribal drums, so that one might think, they’re from a Latin American jungle.

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  • Soul Grip - Sleep (EP)

    13 Nov 2020

    Soul Grip are dead. Not to keep beating around the bush any more than necessary, the band is dead. But never forgotten!

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  • Dark Buddha Rising - Mathreyata

    13 Nov 2020

    Where Neurosis and Sunn O))) meet there you find Dark Buddha Rising - and their new record is as jaw-dropping at that sounds.

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  • Asphodel Wine - Slowdance Macabre

    30 Oct 2020

    When lovers meet that’s awesome for them. When lovers meet with an amazing musical background and then decide to do something together - that’s awesome for the listener. I present: Asphodel Wine!

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  • Ulveblod - Omnia Mors Aequat

    17 Apr 2020

    After the end of Nihill, Vitriol presents his new band - Ulveblod and continues his descent into black madness.

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  • Witch Trail - The Sun Has Left The Hill

    19 Nov 2019

    Sometimes, certain boundaries should not be crossed. For example combining Motown Soul and Classic Hardcore – that just doesn’t work. Nevertheless, some unexpected combinations might work, just remember Zeal and Ardor combining gospel and black metal.

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  • Throatsnapper - About The Dead

    25 Oct 2019

    Consouling Sounds + Belgium = modern hard music. Throatsnapper is the exhibit to proof this theory.

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  • The Fifth Alliance - The Depth Of The Darkness

    30 Aug 2019

    Breda’s The Fifth Alliance seems to be set out for another awesome release, “The Depth Of The Darkness” surely sounds promising!

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  • Amenra - Live Records

    29 Oct 2012

    Amenra is a phenomenon – their music is so experimental that it will leave you speechless whenever you see them. Capturing this was the aim of three different live-records by now. Each one is a different – not only the setlists but also in the sense of the band’s performance.

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