Ulveblod - Omnia Mors Aequat

17 Apr 2020

Blackened-Noisecore | Consouling Sounds | Release date: 17 Apr 2020

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After the end of Nihill, Vitriol presents his new band - Ulveblod and continues his descent into black madness.

Dillinger Escape Plan meets Bathory. Orchid meets Celtic Frost. Some Girls meets Mayhem. Whenever aggressive extremes meet a moment of chaos will be piled up at the exact spot where their forces clashed and the first mercenaries fell. Ulveblod is that exact spot in the middle of two unforgiving enemies. The product of a struggle that spit out Vitriol, the main songwriter, guitarist and founder of Ulveblod, without any kind of orientation, after his partner in music, M. died right before Roadburn last year. Together they were Nihill, one of the most prolific black metal bands to ever come out of the Netherlands and maybe the most-prominent pillar of the now dominant force that Dutch black metal has become with its flourishing scene and amazing bands.

Vitriol has founded Ulveblod as his new outlet for his vision of black metal which many people will neither understand nor share. This is chaos, manic compression, no compromise wanted, pure get it or die – shit. You don’t like it? No one gives a fuck and neither should you.

The guitars follow no clear line, they scream your brains to death, throwing your heads not only from side to side but also jumpkicking it over your neck and then tearing at your scalp to throw it towards your risen knees. No breath of fresh air, no stopping or pausing needed. The drums are designed to entrance you with their nonstop pounding, which makes heavy use of the cymbals and toms, but is defined by an ongoing hurricane-blastbeat-apocalypse. The vocals are quivering and shivering but not voiceless, not without strength but powerful and demanding, catching all your attention and giving you a pulse to make your veins explode.

This music is pure chaos and has no sense for beauty because all beauty dies. Everything must die, that’s a fact. And death equals all – Omnia mors aequat. Death is pain and pain distributes itself equally, everyone is the same in death and we all die – alone. Nihill died with M. and one day Ulveblod will also die. However – at this moment, it screams in your face, sends shivers down every nerve and artery you got. It is here, it is now, it is Ulveblod, and it’s going to equal you out.