Interview with Barst

15 Nov 2021

When we got into talking with Consouling Sounds about our collaboration and about which interviews we would like to do, Mike and Nele quickly came up with BARST and immediately our head honcho Thorsten jumped that queue because to him BARST was one of those projects he always associated with Ghent’s finest label. Of course, fanboying is not our style and so we developed a set of questions on their latest release, REAL, their collaboration with Consouling, the way this wholesome and rewarding audio-visual project was created, and how his symbiotic working process came to life. Bart and Niels also spoke about which obstacles they encountered during the development, whether they were artistic problems or forces of nature.

Here you can find the video which was one of our parts for Consouling Sounds 24HDL event at the beginning of October. If you want to know more about the release itself, you can read our review of REAL here.

Here’s the Spotify version: